Over the past decade, Sterling Ruby has created clothing alongside his artwork, developing garments from the same handworked fabrics featured in his pieces, and experimenting with the same inquiries, ideologies, and aesthetic pursuits.

Inspired by American traditions, culture, and craft, and informed by years of textile development, the clothing and accessories of S.R. STUDIO. LA. CA. exist in conversation with Ruby’s previous work and further his investigation of utility as a wearable iteration of it.

Exploring dressing as a mode akin to collage, the collection bridges a divide between form and function, illustrating their relationship instead. Workwear silhouettes are enriched with handworked treatments. The process of dyeing and bleaching is mapped across fabrics in unique motifs. Prints adapted from original pieces by Ruby are emblazoned on everyday t-shirts. One of a kind looks sit alongside denim.

With a confluence of techniques and materials, the collection signifies a natural evolution of Ruby’s interdisciplinary work—and celebrates a decidedly new direction.